Many thanks to Gisela Hausmann for tagging me in this blog chain hop on March 31. 
Gisela Hausmann is the author of nine books, including award-winning "Naked Determination, 41 Stories About Overcoming Fear". Her first book "Vienna - Aerial Panorama" was selected as a gift for President Clinton, when he visited her hometown Vienna. 
These days Gisela writes funny life skills books, telling her adventures and pointing out what pivotal approaches helped her to succeed. Born to be an adventurer, Gisela has also co-piloted small planes, produced movies, and globe-trotted almost 100,000 kilometers.  She now lives with her cats Artemis and Yin-Yang in Greenville, SC.





Now here are my own 4 answers to the 4 questions posed: 

1.    What am I working on?
I'm outlining my fourth novel, Broken Smile, which will be published next February. I'm also editing my third novel, Miller & Bobbie, which will be published this upcoming August.

2.    How does my work differ from others of its genre?
My debut novel, In the Middle, differs from other coming of age novels in where it is set, in Phoenix, Arizona, and its narrator, Miller Hoffman. My second novel, Bobbie Lamont, is different from other novels about women in their early forties in that the main character, Bobbie Lamont, is both like and unlike most women her age.

3.    Why do I write what I do?

I write fiction because I can be more honest about how I see the world than I could if I wrote nonfiction.

4.    How does my writing process work?

I usually come up with either the main character or the situation. And then I outline, writing a page per chapter. And then I write the first draft, using the outline as a guide.

I’m now passing the Writing Process Blog Hop to the writer. Check their blog next week to read their answers to the Four Writing Process Questions.

Beatrice McClearn

Beatrice McClearn published the hit title Diaries of an Emotional Prostitute in November 2010. Before its release, McClearn served as a freelance writer for various companies, including 

McClearn and Washingtonian Poet, Journei, released a series of talk shows on YouTube entitled Uncover2Discover in early 2011. The show lasted one season and was put on hold indefinitely due to conflicting schedules. Later that year, McClearn published dozens of short stories to include titles such as Momma’s Touch, The Intruders, Calamity, Abduction, A Lonely Journey, A Psychic’s Craze, Marriage v. Contracts, Coverless Book, The Cursed Addict, A Trip to Macy’s, Six Super Sexy Secrets for BBW, Girl in the Mirror, Cougar Prey, Book Publishing:101, My Final Ode to Him, The Misinterpretation, Destiny’s Revenge, and more. By 2012, the National Black Book Festival named McClearn 2nd Best New Author.

McClearn serves the community by speaking to aspiring authors about the publishing industry and hosting Beatrice McClearn’s Annual College Bound Outreach - a contest that gives high school students the opportunity to apply to colleges of their choice. 

In 2013 McClearn married and gave birth to her first child (a son). Her second novel is set to release in early 2015.

Beatrice's books can be purchased on Amazon



I'm always writing. My debut novel, In the Middle, became available on and other online bookstores and I didn't stop writing. I wrote a second novel, which I'm currently editing. It's called Bobbie Lamont and it is a sequel of sorts to In the Middle. The main character of Bobbie Lamont is Bobbie Lamont, who was the young lady that Miller dated while visiting his mother and sisters in Birmingham, Alabama in the summer of 1990. She discovers that Miller has written a novel inspired by their relationship. At the end, they are reunited.
After I finished writing Bobbie Lamont, I felt that there was more to the story of Miller Hoffman and Bobbie Lamont. Thus, the idea for my third novel was conceived. I'm calling it Extraordinary and it is both a prequel and sequel to Bobbie Lamont. I haven't written the first draft yet, because I'm still outlining it.
It will have seventy-five chapters and yesterday, I finished chapter fifty. I will be done outlining it on October 17. After that, I will start writing the first draft. I hope to finish writing the first draft on this upcoming New Year's Eve.  And I then will start the laborious task of editing it, which isn't as fun as writing.
I was recently asked how many novels do you want to write? I gave two answers, one short and the other one long. The long answer is that I have, after my third novel, at least eight more novels that I want to write. And the short answer is that I want to write as many novels as I can before I die.
Because I'm a writer and that's what I do.
Set in the late '80s and early '90s, In the Middle by Zelmer Wilson chronicles the teenage years of Miller, a bright but troubled kid living in Arizona with his father, an Army veteran and his stepmother, Alma, a woman he's secretly attracted to.

A quiet, pimply-faced seventh grader with a troubled past (he's spent time in a juvenile hall) Miller has a difficult time making friends until the next year when he meets Ray and Eli. During the next couple of years, Miller's relationship with his father grows more strained as he tries to keep his attraction for his stepmother carefully hidden. It isn't until he goes back South to visit her mother that he realizes that he wants to become a writer. Even though his attraction to his stepmother seems to be the main premise, it actually doesn't feature that prominently, more of an undercurrent as he encounters different girls. In fact it seems that it is mostly his relationships with the various girls in his life that provide the catalyst for his growth and change.

When I first read the blurb for In the Middle the premise sounded interesting and it wound up being a fairly easy read that did not disappoint. Since it's literary fiction, it has an almost memoir feel to it (White Teeth by Zadie Smith quickly comes to mind) and I couldn't help but wonder how similar Miller was to the author, Mr. Wilson. Of course that merely points to good writing and how realistically Miller was portrayed.

Last Friday, the kindle version of my debut novel, In the Middle, become available to download. The next day, the paperback version become available for purchase as well.

Since then, my cousin, Jessyca Garcia set up a fan page for me on facebook. It is Zelmer Wilson the Author. In just three short days, it now has  39 likes. I also have an author page on Amazon as well.

I haven't quit my day job yet, because so far, only four copies of my novel have been sold. But I'm still excited as well as nervous about this new phase of my life. The only thing that I've ever wanted to be since I was fifteen years old is a writer. And now, my new goal is becoming a successful writer, able to support myself through my writing.
In the Middle tells the story of Miller Hoffman, a shy Southern kid trying to be like his father; ambitious and no stranger to success. When his parents divorced, Alma becomes his stepmother and he has a hard time dealing with his attraction toward her. Written by Zelmer Wilson, this is a poignant story of a boy’s journey into adulthood.

The prose is simple, but there is something very honest about it that grabbed my interest instantly from the beginning. Perhaps this was because of the young age of the narrator and protagonist of the story. I sympathized and laughed at the same time as he struggled in his moments of puberty. Obviously, they get harder to handle when he is attracted to his beautiful stepmother at the same time. I did not expect his life to become more difficult and dramatic as the story progresses, which I will not mention here to avoid spoilers. Characterization is good; my only complaint is that finding out the protagonist's name after 24 pages later takes too long for me. Also, even though I’m satisfied with the readable prose, there are times when certain sentences of the narration are too juvenile for my taste.

Even so, In the Middle is a solid read and I did enjoy it enough to finish it in one sitting. Author Zelmer Wilson is a hidden gem in the writing industry and I truly believe that he will get better in his craft. I look forward to his next work.

I was fifteen years old when I discovered that I wanted to be a writer. It was during the summer of 1990 and I was spending the summer in Birmingham, Alabama with my mother and two sisters. I don't know why I decided that I wanted to be a writer, but looking back now, twenty-three years later, everything that had happened to me before that summer were stepping stones to that summer.
I was six years old when my parents separated. I was attending the first grade at the time, at Cook Elementary School in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I didn't do very well at school, I guess, because I was distracted by my family drama. I  had to repeat the first grade. I did much better the second time that I went through the first grade, picking up everything that I had missed the first time. I soon became bored. And so, I started reading.
At first, I read westerns, because I was interested in that period of American history. And probably, because I lived in the West. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona with my father and stepmother (he remarried two years after leaving my mother, on my birthday) in the summer of 1986.
After the summer of 1990, I stopped reading Westerns and started reading science-fiction. I made a few attempts at writing stories, but I never got past the planning stage.
I stopped reading science fiction and stopped trying to write after the summer of 1997, after I had read Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer. I realized, because of that novel, that I could use my own life as inspiration for a novel. I then spent the next few years trying to do that.
I finished writing my first novel when I was twenty-six years old, in the summer of 2001. I then the next few years editing it and trying to get it published. I lost it a few years later.
I didn't give up, though, and wrote four more novels. My debut novel, In the Middle, will be published soon, in a few weeks and I have finished the second draft of another novel. And I will be starting the first draft of another novel soon.
I've spent more than half of my life chasing my dream of being a writer and I've closer to it rea
Since I was fifteen years old, the only thing that I have wanted to be was a writer. I finished writing my first novel in August of 2001, when I was twenty-six years old, after many false starts and failed attempts. I have lost the manuscript of that novel since then, but I have kept on, writing three more novels.
A few months ago, I got tired of writing novels and not getting them published. I decided that if no publisher would take a chance on me and publish one of my novels, that I had to DIY (Do-It-Yourself). In little more than a month, in August of this year, my debut novel, In the Middle, will be published by (owned by in both paperback and Kindle editions.
I also have another novel almost ready to be published, Honky Tonk Women and I plan on publishing it six months later, in February, 2014. And I currently writing the first draft of a novel that I hope to publish next year, in August of 2014.
In two years, I hope to have four or five novels published and will finally be able to support myself with my writing, to become a full time writer.
I'm rolling the dice, betting that I have the talent to become a successful writer.